Landscaping Services

Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance

Gardens For Living is a landscape design, architecture, installation and maintenance company with the backing of a family-operated nursery as a source of plants and trees.

Landscape Design and Install

We are passionate about good design, and we pride ourselves on creating landscapes that exhibit an expert use of color, texture, balance and scale, while staying true to the unique vision of each homeowner. We are also committed to natural designs that incorporate native plants, organic elements and eco-friendly practices. Once a landscape design is in place, our team uses their expert knowledge of plants and their individual needs to install a garden that is sure to thrive, providing beauty and enjoyment for years to come.

Plant Installation

A healthy, robust garden begins with proper plant installation. Installation involves much more than digging holes and setting plants in. In order to thrive in a new environment, plants need the best possible start. This means choosing the highest quality plants, grown by experts in reputable nurseries. It means using plants well-suited for the area, and the specific conditions of the landscape site. And it means having thorough knowledge of each plant, and its sunlight, feeding, soil and watering needs.

Successful installation also requires optimum plant spacing and placement, proper soil preparation, careful handling, and the use of tried-and-true planting techniques.

Gardens for Living uses well-nurtured, healthy plants many of which are grown in our own nursery, which is run by third-generation gardening experts. Our installation team is highly knowledgeable, highly professional, and well-versed in both the needs of individual plants and the best planting techniques. In short, we can provide a solid foundation for a garden that will delight for years to come.

Sod Installation

Everyone dreams of a lush, green, inviting lawn, where they can picnic, play, or stroll barefoot on a sunny day. A beautiful lawn begins with great sod, and proper sod installation. Gardens For Living uses the highest quality sod, and our landscaping experts have years of experience providing the best soil preparation and installation techniques. We will also ensure that the sod is properly watered and fertilized after installation, so that it can take root and grow into the lawn of your dreams.


Hardscapes act as a garden’s framework, providing the fixed elements that support and define the ever-growing and changing foliage within it. They also provide the elements that make a garden functional and comfortable for everyday use, such as pathways, steps, patios, seating areas, fences, pergolas and gazebos.

Whether you have a sloping lot in need of retaining walls, you want the ideal outdoor dining and space, or you dream of pathways meandering through colorful garden beds, Gardens for Living’s highly-skilled team of landscape specialists can expertly design, create and install the ideal hardscape for your outdoor space.

Boulder Work and Rock Gardens

Boulders and stones are an integral part of the natural mountain landscape, and they make beautiful accents for a western North Carolina garden. Boulders can be used as sculptural elements, or as an organic, natural alternative to an ordinary retaining wall. Stones add a natural elegance to water features, and make ideal accents for walkways or garden bed borders. In addition, rock gardens can add an unexpected touch of color, texture and interest to an outdoor space.

At Gardens For Living, we seek to create gardens that flow seamlessly into the natural surroundings. We appreciate the organic and subtle beauty of stone, and we frequently use it to add both form and function to our landscapes. We can help you design a landscape that makes the best possible use of stone.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is so much more than adding lamps to walkways and stringing garden lights around the patio. Lighting sets a mood, adds interest, highlights a home’s best architectural and natural features, illuminates gathering spaces, and provides safety and security in the evening.

A good outdoor lighting plan follows the same principles as a good indoor lighting plan: establish ambient, task and accent lighting, keep balance and scale in mind, and maintain the tone, style and aesthetics of the space. Gardens For Living can create a cohesive, integrated lighting plan that meets the functional needs of your outdoor space, while showcasing the unique beauty of your home and your garden.

Drainage, Irrigation and Rain Gardens

Proper drainage is critical for soil retention, landscape stability, and the protection of your yard, your exterior structures, your garage, and even your home from the possibility of flooding. Proper irrigation keeps plants and grasses well-hydrated, while preventing over-saturation.

Gardens For Living takes a holistic, natural approach to drainage and irrigation. We minimize water waste by using native plants that thrive in our region’s natural climate, and by utilizing proper plant placement and plant groupings. We also create rain gardens, which look beautiful, capitalize on natural rainwater, and require minimal additional irrigation.

Landscape Art

Art adds interest, drama, and unique flair to a garden. It’s one of the unchanging elements that grounds the space and keeps it interesting and beautiful throughout the year.

Adding art to your garden is not as simple as it seems. When choosing an art piece, you must consider scale, proportion, balance, and color. You have to ensure that the style and aesthetic flows with the landscape design as a whole. And, you have to find the perfect place to display it.

Our team at Gardens For Living has been adding art to landscapes for over 20 years. Our designers have a well-trained eye, and they can help you find, place and install those special pieces that take your garden’s aesthetics to a whole new level, and make the space truly your own.

Container Gardens

Container gardens are a lovely, satisfying and practical way to add vegetables, herbs, annuals, and other favorite plants to your outdoor space. Building an efficient and productive container garden requires planning, hard work, and extensive knowledge of a wide variety of different plants.

Gardens For Living has a wealth of experience designing, building and installing container gardens that help plants thrive. Whether you want to grow your own dinner veggies or cultivate prize-winning peonies, we can help you achieve your gardening goals.

Estate Management

It’s one thing to install the ideal garden. It’s another thing to ensure that it thrives, year after year. Some people enjoy investing a significant amount of time and work into maintaining their outdoor spaces. Others lack the time, the availability, or the inclination to maintain their garden themselves. Fortunately, Gardens For Living offers complete estate maintenance. From irrigation, to tree trimming, to soil testing, lawn care and fertilizing, we will put the same love and attention into caring for your landscape long term as we did into installing it.