Landscape Design & Installation

The key element in building a beautiful home

For years, Asheville’s temperate climate and beautiful mountains have called to people in search of a high quality of life, where they could enjoy the outdoors nearly year-round. Today that trend continues, and for discerning residents of Asheville, landscape design is a key element in building a beautiful life.

More than Just a Garden

At Gardens for Living, we believe that your outdoor living space should be a reflection of your lifestyle and your values, and an extension of your indoor living space.

If you have never used a design-build service for your landscape, you may not know what we’re all about, or what to anticipate. Here is a guide to what you can expect, from start to finish, when you entrust us with your project.

The Designer Landscape Process

In the first step of the process, one of our designers will meet you at the project site. They’ll listen carefully to you to truly understand your expectations and desires. Then they’ll survey the site to see what will work with the natural setting, and how they can best accomplish your goals within your specific space. They’ll also take note of the style and architecture of the house. A home extends beyond four walls, and it’s very important that a landscape design marries well with the house, and creates the same sense of comfort and familiarity.

Beyond staying true to the home, our designers will create a designer landscape that’s true to the natural environment. Forcing a space to be something it’s not will destroy the essence of what makes it special. So they will look at the landscape from multiple angles, such as soil, light conditions, grading, and terrain. They’ll then create a design that makes sense, feels right, and blends in seamlessly with the space as a whole.

Once our designers have finished assessing your property, your needs, and your budget concerns, they will conceptualize a plan for your space. Then they will put pencil to paper and hand-draw a map of where plants, boulders, retaining walls, structures and seating areas will go.

Elements of Landscaping

Once a plan has been drawn up, the installation begins. Our trusted and highly skilled artisans, rock masons, graders and equipment operators work tirelessly to bring the two-dimensional plan to into a 3-D reality.

This doesn’t mean the designer’s job is done, however. In the design-build process, the designers stay on hand from conception until the final plant is installed. In fact, our designers and installation experts are all part of our close-knit team, and they all work in close collaboration on each and every project.

This is the true design-build difference. As a designer landscape shifts from a paper plan into real life, challenges and changes are bound to happen. The combined expertise of designers, installers and artisans ensures that each adjustment made serves to improve and perfect the overall design, It also ensures that, no matter how the plan is adjusted, the result stays true to the heart of the design.

At Gardens For Living, maintaining the heart and integrity of each design is our highest priority. Our holistic, thoughtful approach integrates every aspect of each landscape, from our clients’ hopes and dreams, to the natural surroundings, to the very soil each carefully chosen plant thrives in. This allows us to create the kinds of gardens our clients’ dreams are made of – effortlessly beautiful and seamless escapes into nature, custom-built just for them.

Our clients are a vital part of our design-build team. We will work closely with you to ensure that your landscape is the perfect fit for your home, your lifestyle and your vision. We will be there throughout the process to answer any questions and handle any issues that might arise.

Don’t dream about having the perfect garden anymore. Give us a call, and let us get started on your own little private piece of paradise, today.

Interested in learning more about designer landscapes and how it can improve your home’s beauty. Give us a call at 828 274 7225.