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Professional and quality full-service landscaping services for over 30 years.
We are passionate about landscaping and design. Serving: Asheville, Black Mountain, Biltmore Lake, Hendersonville and surround areas of Western North Carolina.

We are passionate about good design, and we pride ourselves on creating landscapes that exhibit an expert use of color, texture, balance and scale, while staying true to the unique vision of each homeowner. We are also committed to natural designs that incorporate native plants, organic elements and eco-friendly practices. Once a landscape design is in place, our team uses their expert knowledge of plants and their individual needs to install a garden that is sure to thrive, providing beauty and enjoyment for years to come. Learn more.

Irrigation is the lifeblood of a garden. But keeping a garden hydrated is not as simple as daily watering. Depending on grading, soil types, specific plants, and sunlight exposure, different areas of your landscape will have different irrigation needs. Factor in drainage and environmental concerns, and achieving successful, efficient irrigation becomes quite a complex process. Fortunately, it’s a process we know well. We can create an irrigation system perfectly suited to every part of your landscape, with minimal water waste. We’ll even help you choose and install the perfect water feature to accent your garden. Learn more.

Even the best, most efficient of gardens requires significant maintenance. Trees and shrubs must be trimmed, grass must be cared for, structures must be repaired and maintained, and weeds must be controlled. We are passionate about the gardens we design – in many cases we have nurtured the plants we use from the time they were seedlings. We are happy to offer ongoing landscape maintenance – not only as a valuable service for our clients, but as an opportunity to be a continuing part of the garden’s legacy, and help it thrive and grow from year to year. Learn more.

Over 30 Years and Our Passion Still Shows

Gardens for Living is fueled by a passion to create landscapes that are truly exceptional in both beauty and functionality. Your lawn and garden are an extension of your home, and we pour the same skill, creativity, and experience to the outside of your living space as you do inside.

Outdoor Spaces You Will Love

An exceptional garden is a labor of love, created with careful planning, solid design principles and a passion for nature and plants. Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Your piece of paradise, just outside your door.

Complete landscape design services; Patios, Walkways and Paths, Irrigation Systems, Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Retaining Walls, Plants and Trees.

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