West Asheville

About This Project

For this project, we transformed a small, plain urban lot into an outdoor family oasis, complete with a dining area, parking, and a safe yard space for the kids. We created a recessed dining area with steps that led up to a play area, so that Mom and Dad could dine outside while they watched the kids play. For a beautiful and eco-friendly parking solution with a softer feel, we combined permeable pavers with grass. We rebuilt and expanded the existing brick wall to create space for a tiered entrance, and we used a re-purposed rod iron gate from an antique store to create a well-defined, charming space. For added interest, we used a mix of brick and stone throughout the landscape. For a seamless look, we chose plants with colors that would both highlight and blend well with the color of the brick home.

Landscape Design
Contemporary Landscape Design, Modern Landscape Design, West Asheville