The Settings Hillside

About This Project

This project is a fine example of how determination, creativity and good design can overcome any challenge. The lot’s specific position made drainage an issue, so we created rain gardens to assist with irrigation. We found a sublime, fern-covered spot for a fire feature, but it was inaccessible because of a necessary drainage swale. So, we built a rustic and charming stone bridge over the swale. The fire pit area is reinforced with boulders, and features a unique half-sunburst design, as well as a natural gas line for easy ignition. The home itself featured an interesting and beautiful mixture of Japanese, Oriental and modern styles, so we tried to reflect that in our choice of plants and flowers. However, the landscape certainly has a touch of classic charm – a wildflower meadow strewn with boulders offers a delightful spot for a picnic or a stroll.

Landscape Design
Black Mountain, Hillside Landscape Design, Modern Landscape Design